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living.  loving.  laughing.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

call me medium tall.

This afternoon I went to Target to buy a pair of brown tights, and found myself staring at the two size selections: S/M and M/T. Small-medium: dream as I might, I'm just not that lithe 7th grader I once was - and medium-tall: well, last time I checked I wasn't sporting Julia Roberts' 44 inch legs. So where then is the M/L? I sort through both rows: I reorganize both rows: and no M/L is to be found. Well, could I be a S/M then? My mind is churning, wondering if the latest step aerobics regime really is doing the trick. But would a pair of long tights really be a bad thing? I reach for the package, and it's then that I see that these ARE the two available sizes. Target, in all its marketing brilliance, has realized that no woman wants to be called "large" - no, just label her tights as Tall! I'm a medium-tall!

The point (which I came to realize tonite at my monthly spiritual direction retreat): there are things in my life that I disguise and label as M-T, even when they're clearly a M-L. I think about the area of giftedness: every single one of us is gifted in some way, and those are gifts that are SO unique to our own personhood and being. But oftentimes those gifts go awry. They're used in the wrong way. They become mislabeled. The gift of the people who surround us merely become a means to the end - you have what I need. A gift that uses a platform, that of speaking or writing or music, becomes a way to achieve praise and admiration. Instead of the gift being used in pure service, of an honest heart, it gets disguised as a M-T, instead of just letting it be the old M-L that it is.

Sometimes this is just the way an analogy works in my head.


Jason and Jenn said...

well put! So....all these years that I've thought of my self as "tall" means I'm just "large"? The crazy thing is, it makes us (legitimately) tall people fell GARGANTUAN when the "Tall" size is still much too short.