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living.  loving.  laughing.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

will mr. darcy be the ring bearer?

Now really, people. I know that I love my dog. I know that sometimes I humanize him a bit too much and call him Fitzwilliam and let him cuddle with me. I know that he's been my token side-kick for a good 3.5 years now, and that every good illustrative story at camp involves the little dude. So when I was asked for, oh, the 10th time today whether or not Mr. Darcy would be in the wedding, I really had to take a step back.

These people are serious.

People really do think I'm as obsessed with my dog as, well, someone really obsessive. And am I? (Wait, wait, don't answer that question). I love the little bugger - but there are boundaries, and he's a DOG.

So, a reminder: MD IS A CANINE. He will not be in the wedding, ushering (herding) people down the aisle - he will not be a ring bearer (ie: peeing on the sides of the pretty white chairs), and certainly not be mingling around 200 people, because his limit is, oh, 5 (and let's just refrain from even adding a parenthesis here...). He is a dog, and dogs do not wear clothes.

No, no, no. The dog will be in some undisclosed doggie daycare of a heaven, enjoying his own honeymoon of sorts apart from the wedding madness.

I think. ;)

So please, get the following out of your head:

The ring bearer will instead be played by my lovely friend Claudia with her fluffy feather pillow. Thanks Claud!


Jason and Jenn said...

Love it!

Amy said...

so funny, Cara Mac (for not much longer!!!!)! i love this post...seriously made me laugh. :)