living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Monday, April 26, 2010

i don't like...

*narrowing down a wedding list.
*picking and choosing between what I like to call everyone: FRIEND.
*thinking about who pursues me and who I pursue (which has been the separating factor).
*realizing what relationships are just ministry-lationships, and which are friend-lationships.
*the fact that i'm not okay with this thing called the guest list thus far.

I hear that the guest list is the HARDEST part. I hear that you have to just do it. I hear that there might be regrets on those whom you don't invite. I want everyone to feel like an A+ superstar, and not a B-list video rental.

So, ending on a positive note:

I DO like...

*the reality of ELATION that exists over this event!
*a fiance who still loves me even when I get frustrated over the guest list and have to call a conversation quits because i'm just fed up.
*feeling celebrated.
*seeing all the pieces of the puzzle come together rather quickly. Let's be honest: by the time you're 31, have been to a ba-jillion weddings, and been in 10+ weddings, you know what you want (and don't want) in a wedding. Photographer - check. Cake woman - check. Hot black man to be the future husband - check. Oh wait...

On another note, the YL kids stole my phone tonite and texted James with the following: "I miss u babyyy... Love u sooo much." Really, he didn't know any better (although I hope he questioned the grammar) - BUT since they also decided to text the OTHER James in my phone - ie: the 7th grade BOY I read with every Wednesday morning!!! - well, that wasn't so easy to explain. Here's to YL kids showing their love through the illegal.

love, peace, weddings and horrid texts- chm.