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Monday, April 05, 2010

windrider this weekend in MP

It's a shameless plug for an AWESOME event: the Windrider Forum is coming to Menlo Park! if you're in the YAY AREA, then join them this coming weekend...including the opp to meet MARK RUFFALO!

Here are details from an email I just received:

Thursday, April 8th We open with an informal presentation with Ralph Winter and Chap Clark followed by the Priddy Brothers film, AFTER THE STORM, and a Q&A with John Priddy and James Lescene.

(c): Ralph Winter is big time. Chap Clark is smart time. the film After the Storm is amazing - i just wrote a final paper on it.

Friday, April 9th Mark Ruffalo and Christopher Thornton were impacted so profoundly with their Q&A session in our class at that their distribution company pursued us to set up this screening of SYMPATHY FOR DELICIOUS. This is the first time the film has screened since Sundance.


Saturday, April 10th Three events are planned. Our Shorts Program in the afternoon, followed by a filmmaker reception, and closing with the 2009 Sundance selection, THE ANSWER MAN with a Q&A session with John Hindman, Director

(c): I really have no comment on the above other than the fact that I'm distributing tickets at 6 pm. :)


Windrider Film Forum – Bay Area

April 8-10, 2010


Tickets: $10 General Admission/$8 Students

(available for pre-purchase online or at the theater prior to the screening)


Spread the word and GO!!!


Michael said...

So, like, are you and Mark Ruffalo bff's now, or what? ;-)