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living.  loving.  laughing.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

i cook, therefore I am...

I'll admit, having someone to cook for makes me want to cook just an eensy weensy bit more. I wouldn't say that I'm at the point of cooking being a form of relaxation (and if that is you, please explain to me how balancing timers and ingredients and measuring cups and hot stoves is relaxing! stress says me!) - but James and I are loving going through cookbooks to see what sparks our tastebud's interests. here's what i've learned:

1. this, as we had for dinner tonite was YUMMY. and even if the sauce ends up soupier rather than saucier, james still thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread. In fact, he's excited to dip such sliced bread into its leftovers.

2. I'm a bit of a reduce-reuse-recycle kind of girl...for instance, no food should go to waste, and it's easy for me to get over-zealous in my grocery shopping and purchase food that I end up throwing out. So, what's on tap this week in the CROCK POT because there is a huge excess of celery? this.

3. Chorizo is not a vegetable. and you should find that out before heading to safeway and asking the "nice" mama with a baby.

4. I still have to look up how to properly hard-boil an egg: do I boil the water first, and then drop the egg in? is the egg in there from the beginning? and for how long? See, it's times like these that typing in "how to boil an egg" into google's search engine is quite handy.

5. you really can get by in life without a microwave. i'm (by choice, mind you), going on 9 months now, and life is still grand and relatively radio-active free.

6. No matter what the food, mr. darcy begins to beg the minute I step foot into the kitchen. Okay, so he's a dog, that's a no brainer.

7. Now let's say you decide to get creative with your coffee in the morning, and you think to yourself, "...self....what if you made this toasted coconut coffee. you sure would be a superstar." And then you put said coconut into the toaster oven, and put it on "toast," naturally. Well, you might just catch the coconut, the pan, and the oven on fire. Be careful what you wish for, little girl.

8. Bisque requires a blender. if you don't have a blender, you'll have chowder, and really, the man will still like your soup! (and also, if you don't have a blender, that's what wedding registries are for!)

9. People will still talk about chicken and waffles long after your engagement wears off. it's a delectable treat, and a must-have for future parties. (note: in case you don't know what i'm talking about, we had a chicken and waffles engagement party. YUM-MY!).

10. So, josh and brenda, I guess I've come along way since MFCB: my first cookbook.


carina said...

I actually have figured out how to perfectly boil an egg. Really, it's all thanks to the Food Network. Anyway, I love this post because this was totally me when I married Nick! I caught my oven on fire TWICE in the SAME night "toasting" something. Marriage made me love cooking and experimenting - mostly good, sometimes definitely not. :) Hope you get your blender!

Jason and Jenn said...

Love it Cara! Just keep on keepn' on in the kitchen and you'll be just fine. I remember wondering how in the world to cook a potatoe when I first married Jason. The Food Network was my saving grace. Teaching me how to survive in the kitchen and develop a passion for cooking and baking. Might I also suggest an immersion blender for Bisque. MUCH easier than a blender. Hey, I think I know what we'll get you for a wedding gift! ;)

Anonymous said...

Your Mother learned to 'boil an egg' via Better Homes and Garden CB at age 19....after frying a ham slice for 45 minutes and boiling corn-on-the-cob for same amt. of time...artichokes for 10 min...slight mix-up there. Then there was the salt-lick story.... You are a classic, Dear Child!!

Krista S. said...

Oo! You mentioned a wedding registry - are you engaged or already married? We created one a month ago, we had everything we needed (seriously though you can never go wrong with a blender or one of those delectable KitchenAid artisan mixers) but registered for some rei camping gear, some whimsical curtains and cookbooks from Anthropologie, and some gardening supplies from Home Depot over at . What did you guys end up registering for? I love hearing what people added onto their registries because it's fun to make it creative and spontaneous (at least that's the way we feel :) )!

Brenda Joy said...

I'm proud of your cooking adventures caramac :)