living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

building 555

this morning james and i arrived at the san mateo county courthouse at 8 am on the dot to apply for our marriage license. we met up at peet's at 7.30 to grab his regular drip and my white chocolate americano with room, and I was reminded of his chipper early-morning being and my I-don't-naturally-awake-to-the-world-till-9 self. [after working not more than 3 early morning shifts at starbucks in college, management finally took the early morning reigns away from me because of lack of productivity during the 4 am shift. "What?! i'm not allowed to drink my latte behind the counter? well, forget it!" so, i became the night-shift girl].

after grabbing the necessary energy juice, we found ourselves moseying over to building 555, and second (!) in line, after filling out our online application, we came face to face with the kindest grandma-like processor of our marriage proposal. She complimented us on smiling on our driver's licenses, and on smiling to each other, and on smiling to her - "you seem happy!" she squealed. "Well, isn't everyone?" "no...."



it's an exciting time, to say the least, and as the future mrs. meredith-to-be, i desire to choose joy. i desire to smile, lots. i desire to not let the silly big and little details of the wedding take over, but instead relish the present moment of standing in line at the courthouse, putting our right hands up and being prompted to say yes. So yes. Yes, yes, yes. To learning how to love each other more, to being each other's biggest fans; to cleaning out our respective houses and making room for each other, physically and emotionally; to living simply, choosing instead to hunker down with love.

that's not exactly what she asked us, but that's the yes i give anyway.


mama miller said...

I love this Cara! (Kinda weird for me to type Cara and not Kujo! ha!) But seriously, after being married now for 4 years, I am grateful for your words here and how they take me back to to that day of being in our own "building 555". Marriage is such a gift! Crazy hard at times and amazingly beautiful all at the same time! I love how you are enjoying this time and soaking up all that it is! So excited for you :) Many, many congrats and blessings! Hollie (aka Moxie from FR circa 2002)