living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

cake shoving and such.

Once upon a Sunday afternoon, we re-enacted our wedding, young life-style. note the jeweled bling-bling crown, and the hand raised mid-air for a group sing-a-long.

they even got us a cake, and ooh wee ooh, we were so excited. scratch that: I was so excited because I'd finally be able to shove a big, mushy piece of sweetness in love's face! you can see it in both of our eyes: he's like, "...honey, you're not really going to shove cake in my face, right?" And i'm just like, "it's all downhill from here, buster!"

The form, oh the perfect form! I really should think about going into cake-shoving professionally.

Finally we have the payback picture - smiles abound, and james succumbs to peer pressure that since it's a young life wedding, he has to take one for the team. "this is for the kids, right?" "right." SUCKA! mwah ah ah ah.

it's good getting married twice. or even once, for that matter. I highly recommend it. :)