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living.  loving.  laughing.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

lessons learned in 15 days

James and I have successfully been married for 15 days now. Whew! Here then are 15 things I've learned thus far:

1. When rearranging every cupboard and drawer in (his) house, be sure to tell him where you've organized said things.

2. Remember where you organized such said items, so maybe tie a little string around your finger or something.

3. He will always be cold when he sleeps; you will always be sauna-hot. Sleep in a tank top and don't worry if he steals the covers because you'll still be sweating bullets.

4. Even if you - naturally - wake up before him, he will always get out of bed before you. You like to lay in bed, awake, he likes to spring out of bed, chirping.

5. Just because you're lying in bed awake doesn't mean you want to be alert to the outside world.

6. You'll compromise. A lot. We went out to dinner with a couple from the prayer breakfast (February) who's been married almost 40 years. Dave and Marty's one word of advice? Compromise.

7. For every one picture you take, he'll take 30.

8. For every five books you read, he'll read 1.5. And this isn't a bad thing, he just chews slower, and you digest quickly. (Honeymoon books read: Bittersweet, The Blue Parakeet, The Art of Racing in the Rain, Saving Fish From Drowning and Change of Heart. Currently finishing The Girl Who Play With Fire).

9. This also applies to food. No matter what, you'll finish your meal before him every time.

10. it annoys James when you don't break the label of the wine bottle before opening. You think, why waste time?

11. It annoys you when James doesn't smoosh every item in your kitchen into the dishwasher in order to be more energy-efficicent and green when using the appliance.

12. Say I love you - and mean it - a lot.

13. He wears more sunblock than I do. And he's black. And I'm not. Hmmm.

14. As long as you introduce the word "practical" into your sentence, he'll buy it. This especially works for clothes. Mwah ah ah ah.

15. I really - really, really, really, really - am loving life together.

Bring it.


Jenn Lopez said...

Love it! Looking forward to hearing how lessons for day 16 and beyond go!

Anonymous said...

Love it. Yes, after 11 years of marriage, I can still remember the first few months getting to know Trevor on a deeper level. Yes, I had to learn to close the cupboards and he had to lay off the remote surfing a bit. I still steal the covers and he always finishes his meal before I do. Enjoy! Cynthia

Jenna said...

This is too cute! Great blog. My husband eats soooo slowly so I'm the one that ALWAYS finishes first, I'm the one that's always cold, I'm the one that must wear sunscreen, I always wake up AND get up before him, and he's the big reader whereas I only read Scrapbooking Magazines and nothing else. LOL Oh and I'm the neat and tidy one that always organizing and reorganizing things around the house whereas he's a slob. haha I've been married 11 and a half years (together for 12) and we are STILL working on the compromise rule! LOL But yeah, once you get used to living together and combining your own needs, wants, tastes, and habits, you forget how in the world you ever lived without them as your other half and know you would be completely un-whole/incomplete without him. Marriage is hard but it's the best thing I've ever done, second only to having kids! Are there pitter patters in your future?

Emily said...

Love it! I particularly liked the bit about sunscreen:) Congrats on your new life together.

Living the Wyld Life said...

I had to leave a comment because Josh and I love marriage JUST as much. Simply living together is so much fun... even when its not. :) Glad for your addition to life. Glad for you and happies!

christina said...

Such a sweet post! Number 7 is my fave. :)

carina said...

You are funny and so wise after only two weeks! But Cara, really, the dishes won't get clean that way and then you just have to wash them again ;) This is an five year argument in our house.