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living.  loving.  laughing.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

the stills

it seems like the one of the lessons young girls are taught from the age of, well, young, is that you can't change a boy. we grow up and reach adulthood and the message is only further exemplified about prospective suitors. so without picking on the hubs, i'm also learning that there are some things that i ain't changin' on. for instance:

1. I still don't like to make the bed. I thought maybe that this would be remedied with marriage, but alas, why make it if it's just going to get un-made that evening?

2. I still like to sleep more. and apparently need to sleep more. ahhh, sleep. I love you. i need you.

3. I still have this horrible habit (that I'm accepting, nonetheless and posting it here in cyberspace for all the world to see) of creating this mound of worn but still clean clothes. dirty clothes automatically get put in the laundry basket, but instead of hanging it back up, the mound just grows. i think it's in the midst of creating its own identity while we speak.

4. i still let the gas tank run to double, triple E for empty....and this drives james crazy. i like to think that i'm a woman of risk! he likes to think that i'm a woman who likes to run out of gas.

5. i still recycle everything in our house like it's going out of style, which i believe is a pretty green and eco-savvy thing to do, until said recycling begins to take over half the garage because the garbage guys can only take so much each week.

6. i still can't hone in on one thing at a time: ie: let's have 7 books i'm in the middle of reading, let's be working on 12 projects, let's take 13 years to unpack all the boxes from my old place and find a place in the house. i suppose this is normal, but i think there's that part of me that secretly thought i'd get all grown-up and focused upon marriage. it's called personality, cara.

7. slightly in regards to #2, I also still do not like to get up at the butt crack of dawn. hubs, why must you call 5.30 am glorious? It is not so!

the list goes on, and now that we're a whopping 6 weeks plus into marriage (!), the newness of putting clothes away and making beds is wearing off. what are your "stills"?


Siv said...

Cara -

While marriage will change you, it will also take time, and even then some of these "stills" will remain. It's our differences that make us stronger and create our need for each other. I very rarely go to the gas station and I hate Safeway - D has taken over those chores for the most part. Enabling? Maybe. I call it loving.

Amy Nelson said...

I wholeheartedly agree with not making the bed! I am one who cannot stand to have my feet covered while sleeping, so the sheets remain untucked...therefore, going to the effort every morning to re-tuck and make the bed is just not worth it. That's 5 extra mins of sleep each morning if I don't take time to make the bed! :)

Michael said...

Letting the gas run low in your car may allow sediment from your gas tank to get in the fuel lines and potentially gunk up your engine. BAD. Somewhere, Raul the Jetta is nodding in agreement with me while coughing because he has the car equivalent of emphysema. Put the breaks on this behavior, Cara. It'll save your car and make James happy. :)

rosebark said...

Insightful and... amusing. I have the same thought process - I somehow think my ideosyncracies will disappear when I get married. Thanks for further proof that they won't, and I will annoy my future hubby more than I wish. Sigh.

Reed said...

I like to recycle about as much as the next hippie, but how can you possibly accumulate enough recyclable materials to fill your can each week?!?

Crystal said...

well if I was writing this, my first one would be I still don't know what to make for dinner!! It's only been 7 years... and I still ask Joel knowing he is not going to give me an answer. UGH!