living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Monday, January 24, 2011

the I wants and the I'm learnings.

Do you ever feel like you're having one of those days filled with learning life's lessons?

I feel like I'm having one of those YEARS.

And it's good, but it's hard.

I want to be right - but I'm learning to let go.

I want to love more - but I'm learning that it must still be simpler than I'm making it out to be.

I want to follow my heart - but I'm pairing that with not getting ahead of God's timing.

I want to shout answers from the rooftops because I've been through the muck and I don't want these loved ones to experience the ickiness and stickiness and grossness and hurt of it all - but they too have to sift through the sludge.

I'm learning that what I want isn't always what I need, or what fits into the budget - and I hate having to then say no (especially to a favorite friend's wedding, like one this weekend...).

I'm then learning that saying no is a good thing - even if I'm not left with my five options to choose from at the end of the day, like I boasted about at age 22.

I'm learning to ask more questions and try to listen even better, because I don't know it all yet - but a lot of times I think I do know it all, so I have to go back to the beginning.

And whether it's in marriage or with family and friends, or even with my precious (...) middle and high school friends, sometimes there are more questions than there are answers. And that doesn't always seem fair ...but maybe it helps to mold us and shape us and make us better and wiser people along the way.

What are you learning?


Patty Brem said...

I think you learn more in your first year of marriage than nearly any other time. It does make for great "talks" later on though!

Anonymous said...

I am learning that my beloved children, even though of adult age, continue to 'grow up'....just like their mother.