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living.  loving.  laughing.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

nostalgia. it's here.

Christmas has come and gone.

New years has come and gone.

Suddenly we find ourselves almost in mid-January, and I still feel like I'm trying to catch my breath. It's the reality that life really does go by in the snap of the fingers. Wasn't it just yesterday that I was standing, nervous and sweaty-palmed behind the trellis in my auntie's backyard, waiting for my turn to (finally!) walk down the aisle? Wasn't I just starting Young Life staff, like two minutes ago? Wasn't college graduation just a week or so ago, and I didn't have any clue what I was going to do with "...the rest of the story..." And here we are, January 11, 2011, and I suppose I'm feeling rather nostalgic.

I'm feeling rather nostalgic that my husband - husband! - just had the best Christmas of his entire 42 years-long life. And though it may not seem like "nostalgia" is the word to use, it IS because I just keep replaying that week in Oregon over and over again in my mind. I hear that when you become a parent there's nothing like seeing the joy of Christmas (or whatever event, for that matter), through the eyes of a child ... and here I get to see it through the eyes of another more seemingly grown-up child. But to see James absorbed and excited and elated over our silly, seemingly mundane Christmas traditions of chopping down the Christmas tree, eating crab and fondue for Christmas dinner, and handing out and opening Christmas presents, oldest to youngest, one at a time, I LOVED it. And this little tidbit week of nostalgia I'll continue to keep in my pocket to remember and cherish and hold dear to my heart.

It was the best Christmas gift I could have gotten - and granted, I need not take back that really, really pair of sparkly earrings or the Sunset cookbook or the beautiful quilt, but this, this was the best gift I could have been given.

I receive you, nostalgia, and all that comes with your remembrances.

Mr. Darcy (how could we have a post without a picture of the hooch?) got the Christmas munchies. Note the wrapping paper piece hanging out of the side of his mouth as well.

Tis the season for the kids (minus Brandon and Melissa) to have fabulously individualized Santa hats: Mikey goes Navy, Aleah goes rawwwwr, Cara the pretty pretty princess, and James with his earmuff-filled warmth!

Since their first Christmas, Mom and Dad have fought over their first turkey wishbone ornament - and this year was no exception.

The fam - minus the FOUR dogs - chopping down the Christmas tree!



Anonymous said...

Discovery is so...delightful!!! Yes, the silly traditions are what its all about, Princess...and twas so sweet to share with all of you...esp. James!! Love ya, Muddah