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living.  loving.  laughing.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I used to hear the word "precious," and think of babies, or in a more pastel and cheesy sort of way, the cherubim-like porcelain figurines of my youth: Precious Moments. But recently precious has taken on a whole new meaning...

1. My husband is precious. He's precious when he turns into a giddy little school boy when football is on. He's precious when he thinks that I'm the best cook in the world. He's precious when, as he's doing right now, he does his nightly stretches. He's precious when he takes the dog out. He's just precious in general.

2. My dog is precious. I know, Mr. Darcy, the psycho canine that he is, how can he truly be precious? Oh, but he is. He's precious when he gets scared (over the toaster, no less...) and nuzzles up next to me. He's precious when he gets so excited upon seeing neighbor dog and fur-covered compatriot Ruckus, and he gets that doggy-smile on his face. He's precious when he sprints like a gazelle towards the chuck-it ball and I have no hope of ever catching him. [Hence why we will always and forever be working on C-O-M-E-H-E-R-E.]

3. My neighbor Mark is precious. This is Ruckus' dad, and he's become the most constant person in my life besides the hubs. Every morning he texts me with one word, "wuf," and I know that it's time to bring the coffee outside and commence throwing the ball with doggy 1 and doggy 2. We share life and laugh and ask hard questions and try to get our dogs to obey their masters - and that to me, in sharing life with the people in your very own neighborhood - is just precious to me.


I remember my friend Shelley telling me about when she knew that her husband was "the one": he was just precious to her. She couldn't help but see this beautiful quality emanating from Scott, this descriptor of preciousness. And "precious" to me at that time seemed the farthest thing from the masculine Knight on a White Horse we'd been dreaming of up until that point - but now I get it. I get that in the every day things of life, we see preciousness. We see the hubs and the dogs and the Mark's of this world, and we see them as precious.

And for that, I am grateful.


Patty Brem said...

YOU are just precious!!!