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Thursday, February 24, 2011

dinner fixins' ...kinda.

Oftentimes I'll arrange meals by what's already in our fridge that needs to be eaten, like, now. So the other day I noticed that we had extra amounts of Gruyere and Pecorino Romano cheeses. As per the first, I stumbled upon this recipe, wrote down what I didn't still have at home, and took a trip to Lucky's.

Now Lucky's is that grocery store that - dare I say - attracts quite the interesting group of people. There have been times when I've wondered how near-expiration my purchased chicken is, and if the milk was on "super sale!" because it was about to start smelling "super sour!" But still, it's our closest grocery store, so I am embracing all that Lucky's has to offer.

So what then was the last item on my list? Jerusalem artichokes. I needed a pound of them, so I searched and searched the veggies section, but to no avail - where WERE the Jerusalem artichokes, and can't regular Monterey county artichokes suffice? I decided to approach Mr. Friendly Grocer Man:

"Excuse me, sir, but do you have any Jerusalem artichokes?"


"Jerusalem artichokes." He looks around - to our left are the Monterey artichokes, and to our right are some jumbo-sized even rounder artichokes that looked like this:

"You know, sometimes we get some artichokes in from the middle east that look like these ones here..." (and he points to the oversized jumbo-chokes).

Me: "Eh. Interesting...well, I have a couple of regular-sized ones at home already - I'll just use those." We exchange good-byes, and I head home to make the cheese and artichoke chowder.

Now here's what I realized I needed to do and have upon pulling out the recipe and beginning to read it for the first time:

*1 pound Jerusalem artichokes, sliced into water with 1 Tablespoon lemon juice added

How the HECK am I supposed to slice an artichoke that looks like this?

You don't have to be a kitchen rocket scientist to know that a regular ol' artichoke, especially in raw form, is not going to easily slice. It was then that I decided to actually take a look at google, and see if Mr. Friendly Grocer Man and I had been correct in our Jerusalem artichokes assumption. how is THIS even considered an artichoke?

Looks like ginger to me.

Needless to say, no cheese and artichoke chowder were had for dinner...but the regular ol' artichokes were eaten alongside for good measure.


What's your cooking blunder of the week?


chick said...

yup - jerusalem artichoke, not the same. For my blunder - just ask anyone from small group what i sent for dinner last week!

Jenny said...

Wow would never have guessed that to be any form of artichoke. It does look a lot like ginger.

Brenda Joy said...

oh no... I buy things based on what they look like here... I bought ginger yesterday. I pray it really is ginger now! :-S

Kimberly said...

I tried to make a peanut sauce for pork this week to use up some fresh ginger. Let's just say it tasted a bit like ginger, peanut butter and pork. Not at all the gourmet "layered flavors" I was hoping for. Won't be making that one again.

caramac said...

Oh, living and learning in the kitchen. :) I suppose it provides for some good stories!!

Jeannie - But did anyone tell you it was bad to your face? ;)
jenny - confusing, I know!
Brenda Joy- good luck...maybe it's time to start learning hiragana? ;)
Kimberly - at least you're cooking, sister! keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Good grief....never seen it in my life....a j. arti-choke that is. I'll have to do a bit of research on that one. Reminds me of ginger or a form of kolrobi perhaps (celery root). Muddah