living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I still declare best friends.

I remember back in the 7th grade a note was passed to me that looked something like this:

Dear Cara,

You're awesome! I've had a lot of fun hanging out and having sleepovers and passing notes. I think you're:

Really, really fun!
A good friend!

So, I think we should be best friends. Would you like to be my bff (best friend forever)? Check:

___Maybe so.



Today I almost somewhat sort of did the same thing upon meeting my blog hero, Ree Drummond of the Pioneer Woman: "Hi Ree! My name's Cara. We're best friends even though you don't know it yet. So, when do you want to invite me to your lodge?"

I think I wore a nice enough smile that she didn't think I was a creeper.

Then she signed my book and we took a picture together. See? Best friends.


Patty Brem said...

No way. She's MY best friend...I just know it.

carina said...

Um, maybe you both should just remember who "introduced" you.

Also, the word verification on this is "hypers". Cara?

Brenda Joy said...

LOL, you crack me up