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living.  loving.  laughing.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

a weekend that just makes sense.

This past weekend James, Mr. Darcy and I drove 2.75 hours north-ish to celebrate the 90th birthday of one great man: my grandfather. We jam-packed 24 hours as full as one could make it, starting out with the search for the perfect beanie:

James, if you haven't noticed, has quite the healthy fetish fascination with always covering his cold, bald head - hence a cousin trip to downtown Grass Valley to see the sights as we searched for the perfect hat!

We had quite the adventure in trying to find a place to stay this weekend; generally we stay with family when visiting Nevada City, but there was no room at the inn this weekend! Much family + a foot of snow + a beloved problem dog named Mr. Darcy made for a tough time trying to find a place to stay after our original plan ended up with a power outage and lack of way in there with the local road closed. It was then that we stumbled upon Swan Levine, a fabulous bed and breakfast that one posed as a Nevada County hospital where none other than my dad and his two younger sisters were born! Of course, once they heard where we were staying, they decided to come check in as well:

The "surgery room" (or "pink room", as it's sometimes called to unsuspecting visitors) still boasts its original tile floor!

this is why everyone should support their local B & B:

And because we were able to take our deranged lovable Darcy-pup!

And also because such coffee makes you take such pictures as this:

Sometimes we like to pretend like we're really, really tough, just to scare the masses few who might be convinced.

To celebrate Grandpa's birthday, the whole fam-damily went to THE WILLO off old 49. I wish I could describe the beauty of this old roadside diner: it's kindof the city's best kept local secret, at least for the meat-eating types. They've got a fat grill in the middle of the dank, dark restaurant, so you know your meat's being grilled to perfection. You can choose from three different sizes of steak, or get chicken, halibut, or catfish - James, of course, chased after his southern roots and ate catfish for dinner, while I opted for the halibut. (mmm, my favorite!). Every meal is the same: meat, salad, baked potato and beans. AND a scoop of ice cream for dessert - I mean, come on, people!

So here pictured is (my) Uncle Kensell, just hanging out with his grandbaby Nicole. Love.

It was then time to remember why we ventured to Nevada City in the first place: to celebrate 90 years of life! Grandpa then proceeded to direct us like the family chorus we are, only then to be topped by a toasting speech. Hey, when I'm 90, I'm sure as hell going to be toasting myself!

You work those boots, girl! (I sure wish I could still work one leg in, one leg out!)

What grown woman doesn't like seeing her grown husband hiding under a blanket just to entertain your local three year old who needs to go to bed, but just wants to play one more game (!) with Uncle James?

The fun's not over yet! "Let's play follow the leader!" Thus followed five grown males around an old country house, stomping in the footsteps of said "I'm almost four!" little lady.

Family makes sense. Being so, so weird together makes sense. It was a weekend that just made sense.


Jenn Lopez said...

I just love reading your posts about life! So cool about that B & B!! I think Jason and I might need to check it out ;) We love going down to Nevada City to putz around the downtown. So glad you have James. Love reading about how happy he makes you!