living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

it's a happy birthday-day to the best man I know.

Yesterday was the hubs' birthday, so in fabulous birthday fashion, here are 43 things I love about the man! (And realize that there are just some things that will be kept between he and I - ba bam).

James, I love...

1. your smile.
2. how much you love American Idol.
3. how much AI makes you giggle.
4. said smile when you then start CRYING you're laughing so hard.
5. how you "let" me beat you at Words With Friends, and any and all games involving letters.
6. how excited you then get to play PHASE 10.
7. how good you are at doing the dishes and cleaning up every night.
8. how when I make something especially delicious, and you clothes your eyes, truly savoring every taste.
9. how you pursued me in dating...and engagement...and now in marriage.
10. how you call me every afternoon just to say hello.
11. how you greet me with pure LOVE upon walking in the door.
12. how you make fun of my sleepy self upon leaving in the morning.
13. how much you love the neurotic mr. darcy.
14. how you go on early morning runs with MD.
15. how you continue to seek to win the crazy dog over.
16. how much you love the pioneer woman!
17. how you love to read.
18. how you love jesus and love to sing to him.
19. how you love people so, so well.
20. how you seek the best for our current and future family.
21. how you set a budget (and love doing so!)
22. how much you cheerlead and support me.
23. how you sing your little heart out even if you're completely off-key.
24. how you then make up words to songs, still off-key.
25. how intelligent you are.
26. how you want to be your best self and strive for excellence.
27. how at the bottom of it you're human, and you just want to be loved and understood.
28. how you put up with me all the time rearranging and "hiding" things around the house.
29. that you're from Mississippi!
30. that you have an incredible story, and god's not done with you yet.
31. that you're an AMAZING dancer.
32. that you come fully alive when Prince and MJ are played.
33. that you say "Valentime's" day. Still. at age 43.
34. that you're just a little snuggle-bug.
35. that you love my family, and love to love them and be loved by them.
36. that there's not a judgmental bone in your body.
37. that you say what's on your mind.
38. that you can't be put in a box, and you're just full of surprises!
39. that you love holding little babies. seriously now.
40. that you love to work out.
41. that you shine in who you are, and not in who you're not.
42. that you seek to put others first.
43. that you're MINE!

happy birthday, love bucket!


Emily said...

Happy Birthday to both of you! Cara, I thought of you too on your special day!

Anonymous said...

What a treat to he has a 'Cara List'....and I delight in the happiness of you both!!! Muddah