living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Friday, March 25, 2011

pics that tell stories.

1. Wyldlife superhero club: what's not to love about this picture?

2. A dear friend of mine, Miss Davis, from our teaching days at Monte Vista, got married a couple weeks ago. This I love: it's her turn. Weddings now seem to bring about a different type of emotion: celebration. As the years as a single girl went on, I'd wonder when it was finally going to be my turn, and as much as I cheered on him or her on, still in the pit of my stomach/back of my heart/whatever the phrase might be, I was sad and frustrated and mad and __________ that I wasn't the one in the poofy white dress. So as my perspective has changed a little now, I can honestly say that at the bottom of my heart, there is JOY and THANKS and nothin' but LOVE for the one standing up front. Congrats Jenn and Matt on it being your turn.

And now to steal some pics from James' computer so that we can tell more stories...


Classic NYer said...

Congratulations to Jenn and Matt! And the superheroes? Precious!

Thanks for blessing my page.