living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Monday, April 18, 2011

today was a big day...

Today was a big day:
I bought a coupon organizer.

Today was a big day:
I reorganized clipped coupons into my own little sections instead of the boring old
alphabetization and/or month's expiration. So instead we have some of the following
categories: "carbs," "dog," "toiletries," and of course, good old "random."

Today was a big day:
I read four chapters for an upcoming Fuller class - do violence and hospitality go together
when talking about Jesus' death on the cross? that is the question.

Today was a big day:
I didn't pick up book 3 of teenage vampire smut, not even once.

Today was a big day:
I baked 4 dozen triple chocolate cranberry oatmeal cookies, and only ate ONE of them (okay,
and some dough. And then some more).

Today was a big day:
Mr. Darcy had two really good sweaty workouts, and I had two really good sweaty workouts.

Today was a big day:
I told a girl at Young Life that if she could get seven of her friends who'd never been to
YL to camp this summer that she'd go for free. I might bite our area's campership
resources in the butt, but I think it's a good incentive for this future marketing major.

So really, was today a big day? Not really - it was actually altogether quite normal - but I suppose that if we're to live each day to the fullest, then we're going to look for those "big" things in the midst of the little.

What was big about your day?