living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Monday, May 30, 2011

hipstamatic and instagram

1. I have fully become that person who doesn't just refer to her cell phone as such, but as the (...wait for it, wait for it...) iphone. I do love my iphone, and fast-forwarding a bit, I love the picture apps on it; hipstamatic and instagram are two of my favorites, with a couple of fave pictures here:

This was on a random wall on a random street down in San Diego; I head down there in a couple of weeks again for assignment with Young Life - that means that, as YL staff, we staff their camps for the summer. I'll be at a camp called Oakbridge, speaking to middle school kids for four weeks; James will join me for half the time, and will hold down fort as the speaker's husband. He's excited too. :) But as per the picture, the coloring tinted it to what I'd deem San Diego coloring - a little hippie-esque and muted.

This one isn't 540 miles away (ie: San Diego...), but instead just about 15 feet from where I'm sitting. I love the vase, with all its funkiness and perfect, brightened green color against the stark white background. And, of course, I love the picture that family printed up for us - with all its funkiness and perfection from our wedding day as well. :)

This picture was right before a perfect, organic, yummy dinner in the city...and the tinting on the photo reminds me of one I'd find in a 1970's photo album on that same corner street. Love it.

This was a fun night for "work" called Couch Life, ie: drive couches in trucks around the city of San Mateo in a scavenger-like fashion. As per the picture, it again has that 70's/San Diego look, but I also like, that while the couch was planted on the front lawn, the couch (and cute YL girl, Lyddie) are part of the picture, but not the entire focus. They're kind of a fun, main accessory.

My parents were in town last weekend, and what fun we had doing the everyday - including taking BART into the city for a visit to James' office, lunch, and ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamery. (Snickerdoodle ice cream, um, yum!). As per the picture, the natural orange-y tint brings excitement to an otherwise dreary public transportation experience.

I do love these pics - and using fun mediums only adds to their fun!

Monday, May 23, 2011


It has recently come to my attention that if I were to stop eating the following, I would probably lose 47 pounds or so:

Now this wasn't because some random passerby or rude very truthful friend pointed out my love of cheese, but no - I simply took stock of our refrigerator and noticed that about 25% of it could be found in your local grocer's dairy section.

I could be exaggerating.

I am exaggerating.

But as I just sat here eating a snack of crackers with goat cheese and cherry tomatoes, such a realization was had:

It's still true, two wasted paragraphs later. [Wasted, as in the space on this blog site, not as in the vino I should be drinking with said goat cheese topped-crackers.]

My parents - Dan and Noel - were in town this past weekend; hoping on Saturday to trek up to Sausalito, to see old family houses, the famous liquor store that they met in (no joke), and honk at the hospital yours truly was born in, our plans were quickly thwarted by every other Bay Area resident hoping to stake their claim in Marin county that day as well. [Or at the rivaling Giants-A's game, I'm not sure...]

So what to then do with a couple who grew up in the area, who doesn't then need to see Fisherman's Wharf, and isn't about to trek to the top of Montara Mountain? (My favorite viewpoint hike, by the way).

Harley Farms Goat Dairy, of course!

We took the 1 down from San Francisco to Pescadero, a quaint little farming town south of Half Moon Bay. I'd learned about the goat farm when James and I were engaged; enthralled with the idea of getting married in a barn, I began researching barns in the area, of which Harley Farms has an - albeit small - one for hosting monthly organic dinners and small celebrations. (Any of you want to go in for one of the monthly dinners? Two words: Goat Cheese. Third word: Yum).

Anyways, we got there, and immediately smelled these:

(All photos courtesy of Harley Dairy Goat Farms).

And then tried to get a couple of these little mini buggers to chat with us, but they ran into their little goat-house and hid...

But we then succeeded in eating said favored fromage, including all of these ones here:

It put Costco's free samples to shame, that's all I have to say. Who needs lunch when you've got hoards of goat cheese to sample? And olive oil. And honey. And more cheese.

Needless to say, I loved our little jaunt out of the hustle and bustle of the Peninsula to the heartland of the coastal farming community. As I prepare to make grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner, go book yourself a tour at the goat farm.

You can thank me later.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Sometimes I sit down in front of the computer, and don't have a plan for what I'm going to write - but I assume that if I want to someday be that Anne Lamott-Annie Dillard-Fredrick Buechner woman of a Cara-writer, I'd better start. And that writing better than writing nothing at all.

This weekend James and I just RESTED - and it was glorious. Oh, to sleep in two mornings in a row without setting the alarm :: now that is just pure bliss! (All of you parents out there, I know, I need to shut my yapper, but I'll glory in the sleep in for now). We ended up watching 3 movies in 3 nights:

Night 1: BRIDESMAIDS. Heel-arious. I so highly recommend this flick especially if you've ever a) been in a wedding, b) been a female, c) been a male because it's still funny to all humankind, d) had a love affair with Wilson Philips and yearned to be the 4th woman in the band. Upon originally seeing previews, I thought it was going to be one of those chick-flick, 25% critic ratings, but no, friends - this movie got a 92% critic review on Rotten Tomatoes!

Night 2: LETTERS TO JULIET. You'd think that if we watched a highly-rated movie night one, we'd continue the trend: not so much. But I can say this, after a day of sleeping in (ahem), eating yummy cornmeal waffles, reading the morning away, hiking, shopping and just being together, it was the perfect end to our evening. Paired with pizza on the grill and a bottle of wine, our little Juliet (of Shakespeare persuasion) never looked so good!

Night 3: THE BLACK SWAN. One thought: I will never pick my cuticles again, swear to God. (Yes, incredible movie with amazing special effects and highly disfunctional people - which generally make for excellent films - but I'm just glad we watched it a) together, and b) while the sun was still peeking its way through).


Otherwise, Mondays make me think of Whole Foods because that's where I usually eat dinner after a work out and before Young Life - which makes me think of sushi because that's what I generally eat most Mondays ... which makes me think of our lovely James and Cara sushi birthday party a couple months back:


Fun times with cousin Kaitlin and friend Lily above - redheads unite! ...Which makes me think of Nevada City and good times with family out there, like this one of the two loves of my life:


So it is here that we come to an end. Random, but altogether accomplished, I'd say. xoxo, c.

Monday, May 09, 2011

a things I love list today.

1. the apple store. I'll be honest: I'm a total sucker for all that apple puts out. I admit that I fully buy in to their promos that somehow I'll end up being that altogether uber cool nerd; I don't know if I've quite been successful in it yet, but I still show up wanting and desiring to be a part of the mac community.

2. The Body Shop. I recently bought a $45 Body Shop groupon for $20 - it just makes you feel healthy and organic, and REALLY, if marketers were reading this right now, they'd label me SUCKER for positive advertising campaigns. (ps: PLEASE tell me you're aware of Groupon and Living Social...and if you're not, run to their website right now for steal of a deals!)

3. Macy's Home Section. I've grown up. I covet peacock blue Fiestaware and grass green Kitchenaid Mixers and other gadgets that will somehow make me want to be in the kitchen more. And God forbid, it's worked. What's next?

Can you tell that I had meetings and errands to run today at the mall?


4. a good glass of wine. I don't even mind that it came from a screwtop.

5. Substituting various non-semi-sweet chocolate chips, cranberries, raisins and trail mix for 12 ounces of (said) semi-sweet chocolate chips to make some AMAZING cookies. Not that James ate 5 of them this evening or anything. Not that I counted.

6. When Young Life leaders care more about kids hurting than a program. That I love.

7. My husband. Neighbor Mark recently described him "...without a mean bone in his body. Why is he so nice?!" He asked. "And how does he put up with your sassiness?" The nerve!

8. Books on tape. Actually, they're totally not on tape - but I LOVE listening to so-called books on tape channeled through on my iphone. The elliptical at the gym never tasted so good! Current reads: LOVE WINS (Bell - I'd love to dialogue that with some of you. Let me know if you're reading it), and THE INHERITANCE OF LOSS (Desai).

9. Speaking of the gym: the classes. My goal is two a week. At this point, Zumba and Spin have clearly come ahead as the winners - seriously, who knew shaking my booty and working my booty could be this much fun?

10. Mr. D. You know I couldn't end a post without mentioning the little bugger. I tell you, there is nothing better than a slightly neurotic dog absolutely overjoyed at seeing his human mama. I'm like, I will walk through that door 15 times if you're going to make me feel this way!

What do you love today?