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living.  loving.  laughing.

Monday, May 30, 2011

hipstamatic and instagram

1. I have fully become that person who doesn't just refer to her cell phone as such, but as the (...wait for it, wait for it...) iphone. I do love my iphone, and fast-forwarding a bit, I love the picture apps on it; hipstamatic and instagram are two of my favorites, with a couple of fave pictures here:

This was on a random wall on a random street down in San Diego; I head down there in a couple of weeks again for assignment with Young Life - that means that, as YL staff, we staff their camps for the summer. I'll be at a camp called Oakbridge, speaking to middle school kids for four weeks; James will join me for half the time, and will hold down fort as the speaker's husband. He's excited too. :) But as per the picture, the coloring tinted it to what I'd deem San Diego coloring - a little hippie-esque and muted.

This one isn't 540 miles away (ie: San Diego...), but instead just about 15 feet from where I'm sitting. I love the vase, with all its funkiness and perfect, brightened green color against the stark white background. And, of course, I love the picture that family printed up for us - with all its funkiness and perfection from our wedding day as well. :)

This picture was right before a perfect, organic, yummy dinner in the city...and the tinting on the photo reminds me of one I'd find in a 1970's photo album on that same corner street. Love it.

This was a fun night for "work" called Couch Life, ie: drive couches in trucks around the city of San Mateo in a scavenger-like fashion. As per the picture, it again has that 70's/San Diego look, but I also like, that while the couch was planted on the front lawn, the couch (and cute YL girl, Lyddie) are part of the picture, but not the entire focus. They're kind of a fun, main accessory.

My parents were in town last weekend, and what fun we had doing the everyday - including taking BART into the city for a visit to James' office, lunch, and ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamery. (Snickerdoodle ice cream, um, yum!). As per the picture, the natural orange-y tint brings excitement to an otherwise dreary public transportation experience.

I do love these pics - and using fun mediums only adds to their fun!


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