living. loving. laughing.

living.  loving.  laughing.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Sometimes I sit down in front of the computer, and don't have a plan for what I'm going to write - but I assume that if I want to someday be that Anne Lamott-Annie Dillard-Fredrick Buechner woman of a Cara-writer, I'd better start. And that writing better than writing nothing at all.

This weekend James and I just RESTED - and it was glorious. Oh, to sleep in two mornings in a row without setting the alarm :: now that is just pure bliss! (All of you parents out there, I know, I need to shut my yapper, but I'll glory in the sleep in for now). We ended up watching 3 movies in 3 nights:

Night 1: BRIDESMAIDS. Heel-arious. I so highly recommend this flick especially if you've ever a) been in a wedding, b) been a female, c) been a male because it's still funny to all humankind, d) had a love affair with Wilson Philips and yearned to be the 4th woman in the band. Upon originally seeing previews, I thought it was going to be one of those chick-flick, 25% critic ratings, but no, friends - this movie got a 92% critic review on Rotten Tomatoes!

Night 2: LETTERS TO JULIET. You'd think that if we watched a highly-rated movie night one, we'd continue the trend: not so much. But I can say this, after a day of sleeping in (ahem), eating yummy cornmeal waffles, reading the morning away, hiking, shopping and just being together, it was the perfect end to our evening. Paired with pizza on the grill and a bottle of wine, our little Juliet (of Shakespeare persuasion) never looked so good!

Night 3: THE BLACK SWAN. One thought: I will never pick my cuticles again, swear to God. (Yes, incredible movie with amazing special effects and highly disfunctional people - which generally make for excellent films - but I'm just glad we watched it a) together, and b) while the sun was still peeking its way through).


Otherwise, Mondays make me think of Whole Foods because that's where I usually eat dinner after a work out and before Young Life - which makes me think of sushi because that's what I generally eat most Mondays ... which makes me think of our lovely James and Cara sushi birthday party a couple months back:


Fun times with cousin Kaitlin and friend Lily above - redheads unite! ...Which makes me think of Nevada City and good times with family out there, like this one of the two loves of my life:


So it is here that we come to an end. Random, but altogether accomplished, I'd say. xoxo, c.


brittany said...

I need to see you more.