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living.  loving.  laughing.

Monday, May 09, 2011

a things I love list today.

1. the apple store. I'll be honest: I'm a total sucker for all that apple puts out. I admit that I fully buy in to their promos that somehow I'll end up being that altogether uber cool nerd; I don't know if I've quite been successful in it yet, but I still show up wanting and desiring to be a part of the mac community.

2. The Body Shop. I recently bought a $45 Body Shop groupon for $20 - it just makes you feel healthy and organic, and REALLY, if marketers were reading this right now, they'd label me SUCKER for positive advertising campaigns. (ps: PLEASE tell me you're aware of Groupon and Living Social...and if you're not, run to their website right now for steal of a deals!)

3. Macy's Home Section. I've grown up. I covet peacock blue Fiestaware and grass green Kitchenaid Mixers and other gadgets that will somehow make me want to be in the kitchen more. And God forbid, it's worked. What's next?

Can you tell that I had meetings and errands to run today at the mall?


4. a good glass of wine. I don't even mind that it came from a screwtop.

5. Substituting various non-semi-sweet chocolate chips, cranberries, raisins and trail mix for 12 ounces of (said) semi-sweet chocolate chips to make some AMAZING cookies. Not that James ate 5 of them this evening or anything. Not that I counted.

6. When Young Life leaders care more about kids hurting than a program. That I love.

7. My husband. Neighbor Mark recently described him "...without a mean bone in his body. Why is he so nice?!" He asked. "And how does he put up with your sassiness?" The nerve!

8. Books on tape. Actually, they're totally not on tape - but I LOVE listening to so-called books on tape channeled through on my iphone. The elliptical at the gym never tasted so good! Current reads: LOVE WINS (Bell - I'd love to dialogue that with some of you. Let me know if you're reading it), and THE INHERITANCE OF LOSS (Desai).

9. Speaking of the gym: the classes. My goal is two a week. At this point, Zumba and Spin have clearly come ahead as the winners - seriously, who knew shaking my booty and working my booty could be this much fun?

10. Mr. D. You know I couldn't end a post without mentioning the little bugger. I tell you, there is nothing better than a slightly neurotic dog absolutely overjoyed at seeing his human mama. I'm like, I will walk through that door 15 times if you're going to make me feel this way!

What do you love today?


chick said...

I love that I get to see you later today (tuesday, the day after your post). :)

Patty Brem said...

Okay, I'm totally checking out - Thanks for tip!
Also, I TOTALLY agree about the wine!